StarCraft PTR Launch!

January 27th, 2014

St. Louis, MO -Have you ever wanted to play StarCraft II with Diablo mechanics in a third person World of WarCraft style interface? We are happy to announce we're one step closer to making that happen!

On January 27th, we'll be launching the official StarCraft Universe Public Test Realm!

The SCU PTR is a sandbox style testing ground that we at Upheaval Arts are using to polish and perfect the core elements and mechanics of our upcoming title for the StarCraft II Arcade.

StarCraft Universe can be played solo, with friends, or you can jump into a public lobby and experience the game's content while making new friends. Players will start their experience by creating a character, choosing one of eight iconic StarCraft II classes and customizing their weapons, focus, gender and appearance. Once in the hub area, players will notice various non-player characters which give access to nearly all implemented elements of the game. SCU features hundreds of items, gear which can be improved and socketed with enhancements, 80 unique weapons that level up as you use them, over 120 unique class abilities, pets, draftable mercenaries, and even pilotable vehicles which can all be used in combat!

Once you've had a good look at all the goodies you can't yet afford, you can jump straight into the action by accepting one of nine missions that will allow you to battle through waves upon waves of over 80 different enemy types, each with their own unique combat AI. At the end of each mission lurks a powerful boss to overcome... and of course there's a refined Testament waiting for you at the end... but that's not all!

Like Diablo III, StarCraft Universe has four different difficulty settings. Once you've completed all content on Novice difficulty, you'll unlock The Gauntlet, an endless survival mode which spawns random waves of increasingly challenging enemies.

For the release of the PTR, we've increased the rank cap to 50, so players will finally have access to all of the core game elements and be able to help us with content ideas, balance suggestions, and bug reports on our newly renovated home page at

After the release of the PTR, we plan to hit the ground running with content creation for Act 1. As we work behind the scenes, the content we produce will automatically upload to the PTR so players will always be able to re-play and test new game features.

Please note that while players will be able to keep their characters in the PTR forever, these characters will not be compatible with the official release of StarCraft Universe.

SCU is a very ambitious project with only two people working directly on game content, so we need your help to make sure it's at its best upon completion! We feel our numbers and mechanics are pretty solid, but there's no way we can test everything alone! StarCraft Universe is a project made by the fans, for the fans, and funded by the fans; so please... join us in helping bring this dream to reality!