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8 Unique Classes

8 classes to try based off of your favorite StarCraft characters. All with unique abilities and play styles that break the normal MMORPG mold.

The Tank-Healer-DPS is not present is StarCraft Universe. Possible if you choose, but hardly necessary. The game focuses on every individuals functional build. Keeping the game fun and interesting.
Class Pages

Vehicle Combat

In-Game missions feature unique and exciting vehicle combat. Removing your normal character role and testing your skills with other game mechanics.

10 Boss Encounters

The SCU PTR will have 10 boss encounters to hone in those SCU skills. Ranging in difficulty from heroic dungeons to end game raiding bosses in World of Warcraft.

Perhaps your group can make a run at TESTAMENT. The estimated difficulty for this boss would be on par with a final boss in a heroic raiding environment.

PVP Dueling

Friends boasting their character build and fortune with the items they received? Or perhaps the annoying kid in Ventrilo or Skype who won't shut up...

Settle the grievance with an in-game duel. Fast and fun combat opportunities to test out amongst friends an enemies.