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8 Hero Classes

Based off your favorite starcraft units, all with unique abilities and play styles that break the normal MMORPG mold.

SCU’s carefully designed combat system promotes highly mobile combat, and removes the need for specific roles to outfit an effective party.

Tailor your hero to suit your own playstyle and become the master of your own destiny.
Class Pages

Vehicle Combat

Take control of a vehicle and test yourself outside of your normal combat role.

Multiplayer Raids

what’s an action RPG without slaying epic bosses with your friends? SCU features plenty of challending boss raids on multiple difficulty levels, suited for players of all skill levels to endure.

The Voyage Begins

Tour over 20 new planets and zones in a new sector of the galaxy in a massive starship outfitted for aerial combat. Defend your destructible ship in transit to new worlds. upgrade it and become the most feared force in the sector.